it is time to come back.

making the best

of what we have.

ílhavo,  october 2016

life goals

Comfort and lightness.
ílhavo,  october 2016

i can't help noticing

February is such a weird month! I've been feeling anxious since it began. 

everybody else is doing t, so why can't we?

Because life.
Tapada das Necessidades
lisbon, may 2016

how to fool yourself

on a rainy winter day.

Tapada das Necessidades
lisbon, may 2016

we had/have a list

let's be honest!

I have a thing with pools. 

Castelo Branco, 2016

days are getting smaller

and in less than two months the year will end.

his cousin was still there

playing happy while facing death.